Leading Verbs

The Seven Verbs of Teacher Leadership by Wendy Pillars article also focuses on teacher-leaders, but it does so using seven verbs that are more so a reflection of leadership characteristics. I would like to focus on the fact that these are all action verbs, each word represents something that we must do and possess that makeContinue reading “Leading Verbs”

My Cultural Memoir

A memoir is defined as a narrative composed from personal experience. These personal experiences can create, enhance, promote discovery, or destroy certain aspects of our lives. Often, we go through life allowing certain events, objects, circumstances, or even people to shape our perceptions of who we are and what we will become. We fail toContinue reading “My Cultural Memoir”

“Challenges for Teachers”

Teaching is far from easy or smiles and kisses.  Teaching or should I say educating is a challenging, yet a rewarding adventure.  Anyone who believes that teaching is “easy” has no idea about educating young minds.  Our students are very intelligent and intellectual, and they are often times distracted by outside circumstances that stretch beyondContinue reading ““Challenges for Teachers””

Help the Parent, help the child!

As we know most of our student’s parents have full-time jobs and go above and beyond to make sure their child or children have a place to call home and other necessities. Parents usually look for the teachers to make sure that their child has all the academic tools needed to succeed. As educators, weContinue reading “Help the Parent, help the child!”

Andrea’s Science Autobiography

  My first genuine experience with science began in my ninth-grade biology class where I met my former biology teacher, Ms. Taylor.  I do not know if it was biology that stood out to me or the fact that this teacher, who just so happen to teach science talked to me beyond the classroom; thisContinue reading “Andrea’s Science Autobiography”

My Class is Out of Control..Help Me!

O M G! I am going to QUIT! These kids do not listen; they are so bad.  Did you know they locked me out of my classroom and flipped it upside down? …..  “No way, this never happened to you.” Yes, you’re right; I totally made that last sentence up in my mind…BUT, it’s indeedContinue reading “My Class is Out of Control..Help Me!”