The ABCs of Language Arts

The amazing thing about completing my Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction is that I get to learn and experience pertinent information for all core courses. My Language Arts Curriculum (1-8) course opened my eyes so much, especially from a cross-curricular perspective. Language Arts is used in every subject. This class challenged me toContinue reading “The ABCs of Language Arts”

Student Choice Boards

It’s so important that we give our students options; it helps with engagement, accountability, and a sense of owning the lesson. All students do not learn the same, so when we create choice boards, you can also create the choices to cater to multiple learners. This is an example of differentiating instruction. I encourage youContinue reading “Student Choice Boards”

“Great Teachers”

I read an article Nine Characteristics of Great Teacher for a course that I was taking. Below you can find my reflection on this article. This article focuses on nine reasons why great teachers make great leaders. A few reasons stood out to me the most. These reasons stood out to me because they are theContinue reading ““Great Teachers””

Plan to Execute (Lesson Planning)

I’ve always been the type to organize any information, so that it flows and makes sense. Organization is essential in creating a successful lesson plan for your content. This is a major component if you expect your students to master the information you are delivering. You must organize learning objectives so that it flows andContinue reading “Plan to Execute (Lesson Planning)”