My Cultural Memoir

A memoir is defined as a narrative composed from personal experience. These personal experiences can create, enhance, promote discovery, or destroy certain aspects of our lives. Often, we go through life allowing certain events, objects, circumstances, or even people to shape our perceptions of who we are and what we will become. We fail toContinue reading “My Cultural Memoir”


Adversity is defined as difficulty or misfortune. As educators, we face adversity! This can be challenging, but it is what we need to make us grow in love, leadership, and passion.   No one will ever understand the days that we want to throw in the towel, question our calling, or even go outsideContinue reading “Adversity”

Passion and Perception 

…..Today was an amazing day to do what I love. I experienced a feeling that I thought I had lost. Being passionate  can be a strength and a weakness. When you are passionate about something you tend to pour your all into what you do, you leave it all on the table, you go the extraContinue reading “Passion and Perception “

What’s Tugging On My ❤️Heart?

” I am not capable of teaching anyone’s child” “It’s been forever since I graduated, I can’t possibly remember all that content” “I will never be a teacher, I don’t have the patience” Words of Wisdom: You cannot run from your calling. Rid yourself of limited thinking. If you are called to do it, youContinue reading “What’s Tugging On My ❤️Heart?”

My Class is Out of Control..Help Me!

O M G! I am going to QUIT! These kids do not listen; they are so bad.  Did you know they locked me out of my classroom and flipped it upside down? …..  “No way, this never happened to you.” Yes, you’re right; I totally made that last sentence up in my mind…BUT, it’s indeedContinue reading “My Class is Out of Control..Help Me!”