Shaping Science

Last semester I took ‘Science Curriculum Grades 1-8’ course. My professor really provoked our thinking and our view of ‘science’. I decided to share some of the guided questions he asked at the beginning of the semester and how my response changed from day one of our course to the last day of our course.Continue reading “Shaping Science”

Leading Verbs

The Seven Verbs of Teacher Leadership by Wendy Pillars article also focuses on teacher-leaders, but it does so using seven verbs that are more so a reflection of leadership characteristics. I would like to focus on the fact that these are all action verbs, each word represents something that we must do and possess that makeContinue reading “Leading Verbs”

My Cultural Memoir

A memoir is defined as a narrative composed from personal experience. These personal experiences can create, enhance, promote discovery, or destroy certain aspects of our lives. Often, we go through life allowing certain events, objects, circumstances, or even people to shape our perceptions of who we are and what we will become. We fail toContinue reading “My Cultural Memoir”

Help the Parent, help the child!

As we know most of our student’s parents have full-time jobs and go above and beyond to make sure their child or children have a place to call home and other necessities. Parents usually look for the teachers to make sure that their child has all the academic tools needed to succeed. As educators, weContinue reading “Help the Parent, help the child!”

“Great Teachers”

I read an article Nine Characteristics of Great Teacher for a course that I was taking. Below you can find my reflection on this article. This article focuses on nine reasons why great teachers make great leaders. A few reasons stood out to me the most. These reasons stood out to me because they are theContinue reading ““Great Teachers””

“Are You a Teacher Leader?”

In the article Are You a Teacher Leader? written by Susan Lucille Davis, it asks several questions that are all thought-provoking, and each question is designed to help you determine if you are a teacher leader. These questions were: 1. do you feel a sense of purpose; 2. are you focused on what matters most-student learning;Continue reading ““Are You a Teacher Leader?””

“Let them try their innovative ideas, you never know it might just work, and be the next big thing.”

I am in my last semester of graduate school. I will receive my MEd in Curriculum & Instruction from Texas A&M Commerce in December of this year. I have learned and gained so much as I have matriculated through my core courses. I’m excited to share some of the reflections that I have completed. OneContinue reading ““Let them try their innovative ideas, you never know it might just work, and be the next big thing.””


Adversity is defined as difficulty or misfortune. As educators, we face adversity! This can be challenging, but it is what we need to make us grow in love, leadership, and passion.   No one will ever understand the days that we want to throw in the towel, question our calling, or even go outsideContinue reading “Adversity”

Passion and Perception 

…..Today was an amazing day to do what I love. I experienced a feeling that I thought I had lost. Being passionate  can be a strength and a weakness. When you are passionate about something you tend to pour your all into what you do, you leave it all on the table, you go the extraContinue reading “Passion and Perception “