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Important Announcements

#DWMO is currently seeking board members in the DFW Region. If you are interested in being a board member, contact our Executive Director, Andrea Pickens at for more information.

Advisory Council Member

#DontWriteMeOff, Inc. is currently seeking Volunteer Advisory Council Members.

  • Are you an advocate for youth or youth development?
  • Are you willing to stand in the gap for this generation and the generation to come?
  • Are you involved in your community and looking for a way to create and bring change?
  • Do you see a need to help shift and change the mindset/lives of our youth?
  • Are your mission and vision align with the mission and vision of #DontWriteMeOff, Inc.?

If your answer to all of these questions were yes, we invite you to apply to be an Advisory Council Member for your county/community. We are looking for individuals who are aware of what is happening in their community and aware of the needs of the youth and their families in that particular community. We are the eyes and ears of our community, together we can positively impact the lives of our youth.

Note: You must be involved in community outreach of some sort (participate in community service, education, juvenile justice, youth leader, activism, etc.)

Send your resume and interest letter to our Executive Director at

Volunteer Mentor

#DontWriteMeOff, Inc. is currently seeking change agents to serve as Volunteer Mentors at our partnering organizations.

  • Are you at least 23 years of age or older?
  • Are you a young professional and advocate for youth empowerment and development?
  • Were you ever written off by society due to your socioeconomic background?
  • Do you have a backstory that you are willing to share with the youth?
  • Are you driven and fueled by faith and purpose?
  • Can you commit to mentoring our youth throughout the school year?

If so, you are who we want to connect potential mentees with. As a mentor, your role is to empower, encourage, and build rapport with youth to redirect them on the proper path (based on their goals/dreams/needs. You will be responsible for helping them write down their goals/visions, build community, redirect behavior and academics, and keeping youth in alignment with the mission of our organization. You will be provided with tools and resources to accomplish these goals.

Click here to apply: Mentor Application

For additional information, please contact our Executive Director at

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