AP&A Services

Consulting Services for Elementary, Secondary Schools, & School Districts/College & Universities-TEA Approved CPE Provider

Professional Developments/Workshops 

  • Bridging the Academic Achievement Gap
    • Building relationships with students
    • Implementing the RTI/MTSS Framework
    • Reversing underachievement in gifted/at-risk students through mentorship and advisory
  • Differentiated Instruction: Student-centered Learning
    • Using Student-Centers to drive instruction/facilitation
    • Differentiating through Tiered Assignments
  • Asset-based vs Deficit-based View of Learning
    • What is my student’s currency?
    • What is my perception of the academic ability of my learners?
    • How can I shift my lens of academic achievement?
  • Cultivating a positive learning and learner centered environment
    • Classroom Management
      • Shared ideals and social contracts
      • Framing the lesson
      • Transitions and Cues
      • Effective time management
    • Positive Reinforcement & Redirecting
  • Developing Adult Learning in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
    • Building a culture of Autonomy among Educators through research based motivation strategies
    • Adult Learning Principles applied to the Profession
      • Adult learning principles play a vital role in the successful implementation of strategies and frameworks regarding curriculum and instruction.
      • Key principles include, but are not limited to the following: transformative learning, experiential learning, self-directed learning as a process, and world views.

New Teacher Workshop

Consulting Services for Non-profit Organizations/Businesses

Speaker or Facilitator: Empowerment and Motivation 

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Training

  • Volunteer recruitment training on how to on-board new volunteers, ways to recruit, and how to connect with potential volunteers
  • Examine current volunteer system, vision/mission of the organization to enhance and/or create resources to assist with existing system (spreadsheets, google docs, etc.)
  • Developing community partnerships based on organizational alignment & need(s)

Academic Enrichment and Lesson Plans

  • Identifying assessment tools to determine student performance, how to assist different types of learner, support the need for specific resources/tools, support the need for staffing (ie, specialist, certified staff, etc)
  • Data evaluation and strategic planning to determine programmatic changes or enhancements; how to use/when to use/why to use specific data tools or assessments

#DontWriteMeOff, Inc.

  • Mentor/Volunteer Services
  • Advisory Program in Schools

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