Things to Consider for the Upcoming School Year

At the end of each school year, educators and administrators are either tired or excited; after all, it is closer to summer break, and I’m sure your school year may have been met with both challenges and rewards. However, there are still a few things to consider prior to the first day of the newContinue reading “Things to Consider for the Upcoming School Year”

Your Classroom is Your Ministry

My heart goes out to those people that have this strong desire to be an educator just to teach the content. Unfortunately, teaching is more than just imparting content knowledge into students and going on about your day. You can say, “well that is why schools have counselors and social workers and so forth toContinue reading “Your Classroom is Your Ministry”

Differentiating Instruction to meet the needs of ALL Learners

📚I remember my first year teaching; I would hear the word differentiation or differentiate instruction. I was clueless to what that actually meant; unfortunately, I had no one modeling how to do this or help me understand what it meant. 📚Heads up: No, I did not take the traditional route to teach. My undergraduate degreeContinue reading “Differentiating Instruction to meet the needs of ALL Learners”

Science Professional Developments

We all dread the boring professional developments that serve no purpose and are not engaging! Well, not only do I provide engaging and impactful professional development workshops, but I also decided to provide some additional options for professional development on the go. Teaching Tolerance Teaching Tolerance provides professional developments for educators in the followingContinue reading “Science Professional Developments”

Fearless Educator

I sought out to become an Independent Educational Consultant, because it is my duty and responsibility to educate beyond the classroom. I will continue to educate the minds of those who are suffering from intellectual and societal bondage, minority students and their families. We, minorities, have been taught that we must conform to the waysContinue reading “Fearless Educator”

Open Letter to Education

Open Letter To Education: Dear Education, I remember sitting in my sixth grade class waiting to go to the assistant principals office, not because I was in trouble, but because I used to hand out bus referrals to other students for her. I remember being able to talk to her and my teachers about anything,Continue reading “Open Letter to Education”

What are you Teaching for?

Are you teaching to teach? Or are you teaching to REACH? Content mastery is great and all, that’s what gives you the credentials to teach, but are you using this brilliant platform to penetrate the minds of our youth? Your content gets you in the door, but relationship and life relations, to what you areContinue reading “What are you Teaching for?”