Science Teaching Resources

Have you been searching for more scientific tools to use to help enhance your classroom and engage your students? Have no fear, a few resources are here! Ha! I also added mini descriptions and how I could utilize each resource. Hopefully, you find at least one of these resources helpful. Enjoy 🙂 Environmental Protection AgencyContinue reading “Science Teaching Resources”

The ABCs of Language Arts

The amazing thing about completing my Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction is that I get to learn and experience pertinent information for all core courses. My Language Arts Curriculum (1-8) course opened my eyes so much, especially from a cross-curricular perspective. Language Arts is used in every subject. This class challenged me toContinue reading “The ABCs of Language Arts”

Interview with an English Language Learner

Being exposed to a new culture and language can be scary, overwhelming, and frustrating; however, it is also beautiful once you begin to embark on the journey. I was honored to interview a beautiful young lady by the name of “O”, who is currently in the seventh grade. Her family is originally from Gambia, Africa;Continue reading “Interview with an English Language Learner”

Differentiating for Learning Styles

Back in 2016, I faced a huge Educator dilemma. I started the school year off teaching 7th-grade science and working diligently to bring them up to grade level. We had a routine and everything was going great. But then! I was notified that I would no longer be teaching 7th grade instead I would helpContinue reading “Differentiating for Learning Styles”

Shaping Scientific Inquiry and Learning

At the After-School Program that I serve, I had students to participate in the Ping-Pong Ball and Soda Bottle Activity as a Fun Friday Choice Activity. The students were excited to participate in a ‘special experiment’ with me. Originally, I wanted the activity to be done with our 4th-5th-grade students (ages 10-11), but the 1st andContinue reading “Shaping Scientific Inquiry and Learning”

“Are You a Teacher Leader?”

In the article Are You a Teacher Leader? written by Susan Lucille Davis, it asks several questions that are all thought-provoking, and each question is designed to help you determine if you are a teacher leader. These questions were: 1. do you feel a sense of purpose; 2. are you focused on what matters most-student learning;Continue reading ““Are You a Teacher Leader?””

“Let them try their innovative ideas, you never know it might just work, and be the next big thing.”

I am in my last semester of graduate school. I will receive my MEd in Curriculum & Instruction from Texas A&M Commerce in December of this year. I have learned and gained so much as I have matriculated through my core courses. I’m excited to share some of the reflections that I have completed. OneContinue reading ““Let them try their innovative ideas, you never know it might just work, and be the next big thing.””

“National Science Teacher Association” Website Review

Have you ever been to the National Science Teacher Association website? If you have not, no worries! You can find all the reasons that you should below. I recently did a reflection on the difference between learning standards by state and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS); I also listed and described a few resources thatContinue reading ““National Science Teacher Association” Website Review”

The Power of Centers/Stations

The Power of Centers by The Educator’s Call, LLC Zzzzzzz….. “Settle down class.” “Ms., I’m bored.” “Do we have to this?” “Differentiated instruction will save you, or at least help you reach your teaching goals.” In the elementary and secondary classroom, we have multiple types of learners that can be categorized as: Verbal/linguistic Logical/mathematical Visual/spatialContinue reading “The Power of Centers/Stations”