Things to Consider for the Upcoming School Year

At the end of each school year, educators and administrators are either tired or excited; after all, it is closer to summer break, and I’m sure your school year may have been met with both challenges and rewards. However, there are still a few things to consider prior to the first day of the newContinue reading “Things to Consider for the Upcoming School Year”

Your Classroom is Your Ministry

My heart goes out to those people that have this strong desire to be an educator just to teach the content. Unfortunately, teaching is more than just imparting content knowledge into students and going on about your day. You can say, “well that is why schools have counselors and social workers and so forth toContinue reading “Your Classroom is Your Ministry”

Differentiating Instruction to meet the needs of ALL Learners

📚I remember my first year teaching; I would hear the word differentiation or differentiate instruction. I was clueless to what that actually meant; unfortunately, I had no one modeling how to do this or help me understand what it meant. 📚Heads up: No, I did not take the traditional route to teach. My undergraduate degreeContinue reading “Differentiating Instruction to meet the needs of ALL Learners”

Science Teaching Resources

Have you been searching for more scientific tools to use to help enhance your classroom and engage your students? Have no fear, a few resources are here! Ha! I also added mini descriptions and how I could utilize each resource. Hopefully, you find at least one of these resources helpful. Enjoy 🙂 Environmental Protection AgencyContinue reading “Science Teaching Resources”

The ABCs of Language Arts

The amazing thing about completing my Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction is that I get to learn and experience pertinent information for all core courses. My Language Arts Curriculum (1-8) course opened my eyes so much, especially from a cross-curricular perspective. Language Arts is used in every subject. This class challenged me toContinue reading “The ABCs of Language Arts”

Shaping Science

Last semester I took ‘Science Curriculum Grades 1-8’ course. My professor really provoked our thinking and our view of ‘science’. I decided to share some of the guided questions he asked at the beginning of the semester and how my response changed from day one of our course to the last day of our course.Continue reading “Shaping Science”

Leading Verbs

The Seven Verbs of Teacher Leadership by Wendy Pillars article also focuses on teacher-leaders, but it does so using seven verbs that are more so a reflection of leadership characteristics. I would like to focus on the fact that these are all action verbs, each word represents something that we must do and possess that makeContinue reading “Leading Verbs”

Interview with an English Language Learner

Being exposed to a new culture and language can be scary, overwhelming, and frustrating; however, it is also beautiful once you begin to embark on the journey. I was honored to interview a beautiful young lady by the name of “O”, who is currently in the seventh grade. Her family is originally from Gambia, Africa;Continue reading “Interview with an English Language Learner”

My Cultural Memoir

A memoir is defined as a narrative composed from personal experience. These personal experiences can create, enhance, promote discovery, or destroy certain aspects of our lives. Often, we go through life allowing certain events, objects, circumstances, or even people to shape our perceptions of who we are and what we will become. We fail toContinue reading “My Cultural Memoir”