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Have you ever ran away from ‘something’ that you knew you were gifted to do? Has that ‘something’ kept coming back to you, or has it kept you up at night? That ‘something’ that you are running from is your purpose; it is the call that has been placed on your life. Fear, past hurt, trauma, and rejection can cause us to hide or run from our purpose. In this book, I share my highs and my lows. From molestation to failed relationships due to trauma-related insecurities to pursuing my purpose, I created this book to share my story to help set someone that may have experienced or currently experiencing the same things I did. You may not see a way out, but there is always a way out.

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Purpose Pursuit 101 is a part of a 6-week class at The Educator’s Call, LLC virtual Purpose Coaching Academy. It is designed to be a self-paced guide to actively seeking and pursuing your purpose. Use this workbook as the foundation/blueprint for your purpose. If you choose to use this book without the class, you are highly encouraged to pace yourself, so that you can gain wisdom, strategy, and discipline throughout the process.

$25.00 Paperback

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