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MENU FILE EDIT BOOKMARKS HISTORY VIEW OPTIONS HELPHave you been searching for more scientific tools to use to help enhance your classroom and engage your students? Have no fear, a few resources are here! Ha! I also added mini descriptions and how I could utilize each resource. Hopefully, you find at least one of these resources helpful. Enjoy 🙂

  1. Environmental Protection Agency

This website is filled with so many valuable teaching and learning resources. I love the section on community service project ideas for environmental project ideas. I have a youth nonprofit organization that has a focus of empowering the youth to be servant leaders, and one we that we implement this focus is by having youth participate in serving and service projects. The volunteer for change ABC guide can be of great use in determining potential service project ideas.

  1. Department of Agriculture:

This site is great for an environmental science teacher, botany teacher, and even a health instructor. I did find a Backyard conservation lesson resource. In one of our 7th-grade science unit, we discuss composting, and this resource had some great composting background information and directions for a sustainable compost bin.

  1. U.S. Geological Survey

This website is great for concepts within earth and space science. One resource I like specifically is the section on plate tectonics for my 8th graders. I like the plate tectonic tennis ball globe project. This section has a complete guide that has multiple activities and explanations that are useful for the teacher and the students.

  1. National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Association

 This website is great for pulling resources related to weather, climate, oceans, and atmosphere. In 8th grade, the students learn to analyze and interpret weather maps; this site has lesson plans and activities that help teach this objective such as the Drawing Conclusions: Weather Map lesson that includes downloadable weather maps.

  1. NASA

The NASA website is amazing, to say the least, and extremely handy when conducting astronomy or space-related research. This was my go-to site when I taught Earth and Space Science. I also use the NASA website for my middle school students when I teach about Manned Space Exploration. Not to mention, the section that is dedicated to Earth Day with the posters made my heart smile. My former students were inspired by these posters that led us to have Earth Day classroom door competitions.

  1. Smithsonian Institute

 I love the ‘For Kids’ section of this website; they have very good interactive games that are engaging and informative. A student can also learn virtually about different concepts. I must say I had a little too much fun play the Disaster Game (natural disasters); I believe this is something that students would like to do and would be a good concept builder while doing a unit on factors impacting the environment.


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