“Are You a Teacher Leader?”

demonstrate-leadership-tolisanoIn the article Are You a Teacher Leader? written by Susan Lucille Davis, it asks several questions that are all thought-provoking, and each question is designed to help you determine if you are a teacher leader.

These questions were: 1. do you feel a sense of purpose; 2. are you focused on what matters most-student learning; 3. do you listen to and learn from others; 4. do you take risks; 5. do you nurture yourself physically, intellectually, and spiritually; 6. do you transparently share ideas and stories of your teaching practices in a community of supportive educators?

These questions allowed me to genuinely assess myself and here are my answers.

  1. I believe that my purpose is to help change minds and shift lives of people that are trying to pursue their gifts and visions; this purpose begins with encouraging, engaging, and empowering people. The purest form of purpose is often found in the hearts and minds of our youth, which is why I believe that I was placed on this platform.
  2. I will go beyond the call to ensure my students are reaching their highest potential inside and outside of the classroom, their minds matter, and it is my responsibility to be that shift and the difference that helps them reach that potential.
  3. I am a very observant person, constantly analyzing, and listening to what makes people happy, what makes them excited, what encourages them, what discourages them; all of this helps me in delivering content and information to them in a way that they grasp it; I am constantly learning and growing because of my students and others. Honestly, they have pulled so many characteristics from me, I never knew existed, whether it be ways to problem solve, engage, discipline, reward, etc.
  4. I love taking risks because it puts me on the other side of fear and out of my comfort zone.
  5. I believe that for me to pour out into my students and colleagues, I must be poured into and this begins with my health, spirituality, and work-life balance; investing in yourself is so important, especially in education, because you have to deliver content and be an example at all times. You are at your best when you are healthy in mind, body, and spirit.
  6. I have started a business that revolves around sharing ideas, strategies, empowerment to educators, pieces of training, my stories, and hardships to educators all around the world; I understand that we need support, we need that extra push. I was in awe after answering these questions because I reflect a teacher-leader whether I want to admit it or not.

Published by Andrea Pickens and Associates, LLC

Greetings: My name is Andrea S. Pickens; I have several years of experience in education and youth development all of which include teaching and leading youth in under-resourced and economically disadvantaged communities. I believe that it is critical to the academic and over success of our youth to have proper academic and social-emotional support. This support is often found in schools and after-school programs that intervene by providing tutoring/enrichment services and are equipped with effective teachers and leaders. My belief is that each child can learn, but not all children learn the same; diversity and equity is crucial to youth development. It is my mission as an educator, entrepreneur, and servant-leader to equip and empower others in youth development and education to reach our youth beyond the secondary classroom. Yours in Education, Andrea S. Pickens, M.Ed

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