“National Science Teacher Association” Website Review

Assessment_NGSS_alignment_2Have you ever been to the National Science Teacher Association website? If you have not, no worries! You can find all the reasons that you should below. I recently did a reflection on the difference between learning standards by state and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS); I also listed and described a few resources that I found to be helpful.

  1. They both provide expectations; however, the NGSS provides core ideas and provides a breakdown of concepts that our TEKS do not; NGSS also provides cross-cutting concepts, and science and engineering practices.
  2. Multicultural Science Education position interested me the most; I have taken a course on diversity and equity in education, and we discussed the importance of multicultural curriculums. It is so important to be able to create and model real-life connections with all our students. So often, we fall short of doing that.
  3. I like how the video begins by introducing these standards on a level that the parents and any person who is not aware of these standards can understand them; the next video begins to explain the need and the difference in the standards vs general expectations. I like the fact that these standards include the students and what they need to gain and how they can gain clarity, insight, understanding, and truly inquire.
  4. I like the ELL resources in the learning center, so often we try to find ways to accommodate for our ELL students and fall short. It was nice to see that these resources were available.
  5. I found that there is a Google Virtual Natural History Museum, which is awesome and helpful in incorporating technology. I also found out that smartphone microscopes are legit, and I want to invest in one. I know our students would be super engaged and intrigued to use these in an investigation.
  6. These lists can be helpful in cross-curricular activities, project-based learning, research purposes, and much more.
  7. Overall, this website is filled with resources, guidance, professional learning opportunities, and insight. I’m currently living in Atlanta, and I was sad to see I missed the Science on My Mind Conference. I found under the curriculum planning tab, some helpful information to get started or transition to using the standards. It also helps with how to lesson plan effectively using the standards; for first-year teachers, this will be a life-saver. When I entered the profession, I had to figure it out on my own. I was given a template and expected to know what to do, which was difficult because I was not an education major. I appreciate the fact that it does not just throw information at you instead it shows you how to use it and when, unlike our TEKS. The connecting to common core section was helpful as well. I fell in love with the classroom resources section, especially the life science resources and activities.

Published by Andrea Pickens and Associates, LLC

Greetings: My name is Andrea S. Pickens; I have several years of experience in education and youth development all of which include teaching and leading youth in under-resourced and economically disadvantaged communities. I believe that it is critical to the academic and over success of our youth to have proper academic and social-emotional support. This support is often found in schools and after-school programs that intervene by providing tutoring/enrichment services and are equipped with effective teachers and leaders. My belief is that each child can learn, but not all children learn the same; diversity and equity is crucial to youth development. It is my mission as an educator, entrepreneur, and servant-leader to equip and empower others in youth development and education to reach our youth beyond the secondary classroom. Yours in Education, Andrea S. Pickens, M.Ed

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