What’s Tugging On My ❤️Heart?

” I am not capable of teaching anyone’s child”

“It’s been forever since I graduated, I can’t possibly remember all that content”

“I will never be a teacher, I don’t have the patience”

Words of Wisdom: You cannot run from your calling. Rid yourself of limited thinking. If you are called to do it, you will be qualified. It’s normal to have these thoughts; teaching is the key to someone’s potential. Don’t let fear stop you from leaving your print in a child’s mind and heart that needs you. Politics of education have created a barrier between really teaching and reaching our young people, especially our minorty children. Don’t let that stop you, I encourage you and challenge you to pay attention to that tug. 

Be a light in a child’s darkness…Be a vessel. Patience is learned! You will be amazing; you will create legacies and lessons you never imagined. Those students will become your kids; just as you are pulling traits from them that they didn’t know exist, they will pour love and life into you. Don’t give up! It’s bigger than you.



Published by Andrea Pickens and Associates, LLC

Greetings: My name is Andrea S. Pickens; I have several years of experience in education and youth development all of which include teaching and leading youth in under-resourced and economically disadvantaged communities. I believe that it is critical to the academic and over success of our youth to have proper academic and social-emotional support. This support is often found in schools and after-school programs that intervene by providing tutoring/enrichment services and are equipped with effective teachers and leaders. My belief is that each child can learn, but not all children learn the same; diversity and equity is crucial to youth development. It is my mission as an educator, entrepreneur, and servant-leader to equip and empower others in youth development and education to reach our youth beyond the secondary classroom. Yours in Education, Andrea S. Pickens, M.Ed

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